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Pat, Paul and Ryan Hunke

Hunkes Transfer was started in 1981 by Pat Hunke in Bemidji, MN delivering to three auto-parts stores in northern Minnesota in a half-ton pickup. We grew as the needs grew for at-night delivery of auto parts in Minnesota, moving to Wadena, MN in 1983 to be more centralized. Then reaching out into North Dakota, and then into South Dakota using relay terminals to facilitate expedient delivery required by our accounts.

Starting out and staying with the auto-parts industry for the first twenty years we expanded into all areas served by our major accounts originating in Minneapolis/St. Paul and St. Cloud, MN. Hunkes Transfer provided at-night key-drop delivery service for three hundred auto-parts retailers and ten years ago started an agency service delivering and picking up general dry freight in the central Minnesota area.

In 2008 we moved into our new terminal in Wadena providing us with much more room to service our present customers and providing room for new customers. In the same year Paul and Ryan Hunke joined their father in the operation of the trucking company. There is plenty of history behind this company and a great future.